Vehicle Quota System

vehicle quota

The Vehicle Quota System was implemented on 1 May 1990.
Under this system, LTA determines the number of new vehicles allowed for registration while the market determines the price of owning a vehicle.
In determining the number of cars allowed for registration, we take into account the prevailing traffic conditions and the number of vehicles taken off the roads permanently.
The quota allocated to each vehicle category is in proportion to that category’s share of the total vehicle population. The vehicle quota for a given year is administered through the monthly release of Certificates of Entitlement (COEs).

From April 2002, the Closed COE Bidding System was replaced with the COE Open Bidding System.

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ERP gantry

By 1995, the Road Pricing Scheme (RPS) had been introduced to include first the East Coast Parkway (ECP), and in 1997 to the CTE and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). In 1998, ERP was introduced and electronic gantries fitted with radio equipment, sensors and cameras, allowing automated deduction of tolls from a cash card slotted into an in-vehicle unit (IU), replacing the previously manned gantries. With this, administration of the system was much easier requiring much less manpower, and time based charges became practical, allowing gantries to sprout up on many arterial roads as well expanding the ERP network, as the 2007 Land Transport Authority map below would show.


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