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The Licence Plate system for Singapore Motor vehicles

licence plate

The most common vehicle number plates we see on the road would start with S and  two serial suffix letters, starting from SBA.

Other classes of vehicles have registration numbers beginning with specific letters:

  • A_ series: Motorcycles (used until 1980)
  • CB series: Company or school buses
  • F_ series: Motorcycles
  • FB_ series: Motorcycles [Ex. FBA, FBB…], m/cycle plate started in end of December 2005
  • G _ _ series: Goods vehicles (class 3) [GA-GZ,GBA,GTA..GBB]etc.
  • P series: Private buses (PA, PB, PC, PH, PZ were used to separate Private bus, Pte Hire etc., subsequently they were not issued and all are issued under PA
  • Q _ _ series: Company vehicles (QBx, QCx etc., except QX and QY)
  • SH_ series: Taxis or Street Hire vehicles (SJE – Singapore-Johore Express)
  • W_ series: Engineering Plant vehicles (Class 5) (Currently issuing WD)
  • X_ series: Very Heavy vehicles – not constructed to carry any load (prime movers/class 5) (Currently issuing XD)
  • Y_ series: Goods vehicles (class 3/4/5)

In addition, the following are controlled for specific types of vehicles, including:

  • CSS: City Shuttle Service buses
  • LTA: Land Transport Authority, formerly known as ROV, Registry of Vehicles (Enforcement Officers)
  • MID: Singapore Armed Forces vehicles (post suffix with up to 5 digits before it), originally stood for Ministry of Interior and Defence ex: 12345MID (General ranks are provided with two-digit MID plate staff cars)
  • MP: Vehicles operated by the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command (formally SAFPU prefix)
  • PU: Tax-exempt, restricted for exclusive use (with permission) on the island of Pulau Ubin
  • QX: Emergency & Law-enforcement agencies (Singapore Police Force,Singapore Civil Defence Force, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, etc.)
  • QY: Quasi-Government / Statutory Boards
  • RD: Research & Development (like fuel-cell cars, smart car rental cars)
  • ROV: Defunct; Registry of Vehicles, now known as LTA [Land Transport Authority]. Some are still in use.
  • RU: Restricted Use vehicles, a special category where taxes are not paid. A vehicle with such a licence restricted to certain areas, for example apushback truck within Singapore Changi Airport grounds or shuttle buses on Sentosa Island.
  • S/CC: Vehicles of the Consular Corps
  • S/CD: Vehicles of the Diplomatic Corps
  • S/TE: “Technical Employment” vehicles
  • S1 to S10: “State Cars” – VIP vehicles for ferrying official government guests and dignatries.
  • SBS: Buses operated by SBS Transit
  • SEP: “Singapore Elected President” – The Official Car of The President of the Republic of Singapore (SEP 1)
  • SJ: Supreme Court Justices – With the Chief Justice’s car displaying plate number “SJ 1”, and so on.
  • SMB: Buses operated by SMRT Buses, used in tandem with the TIB series. Used for buses registered after the merger of TIBS and SMRT in 2004.
  • SP: “Speaker of Parliament” (SP 1)
  • SPF: Police commissioner of the Singapore Police Force (SPF1)
  • SZ/SZA: Rental vehicle. No new issues. New Hire/Rental cars use same series as normal cars
  • TIB: Buses operated by SMRT Buses, originally stood for Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS) Used for buses registered before the merger of TIBS and SMRT in 2004.
  • TP: Motorcycles of the Traffic Police Department, Singapore Police Force

Special prefixes were used for specific events, such as:

  • WTO: For vehicles used during the World Trade Organization’s inaugural Ministerial Conference held in Singapore in December 1996
  • IOC: For vehicles used during the International Olympic Committee’s 117th Session held in Singapore in July 2005
  • NDP: For vehicles used during the National Day Parade, 2005, on August 9, 2005
  • AIRSHOW: For vehicles used during Singapore Airshow
  • APEC: For vehicles used during the APEC Annual Meetings in November 2009.
  • SIWW: For vehicles used during Singapore International Water Week
  • WCS: For vehicles used during World Cities Summit
  • YOG: For vehicles used during the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

They are never used after the events.

Civil Mobilisation Exercise or Vehicle Recalls have a large A3/A2 sticker stuck at the rear and front of the vehicle denoted that the vehicle is being deployed or mobilised for civil ’emergencies’. These usually happens during weekends.

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