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Relocation of ERP Gantry along East Coast Parkway (Changi)

Relocation of ERP Gantry along East Coast Pakway (Changi)

1. To facilitate road realignment works, the existing Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry along East Coast Parkway (ECP) towards Changi before Rochor Road exit, will be relocated to about 600 metres away from its current position.

2 In 2006, the ECP was diverted for the construction of the common services tunnel as well as other facilities to support the developments in the Marina Bay area. With the completion of these facilities, the ERP gantry will be relocated to facilitate the realignment of the expressway.

3. Installation of the ERP gantry at the new location will start from Thursday, 2 June 2011. Motorists will see two separate ERP gantries during this period. However, the relocated gantry will not be operational until the existing gantry is decommissioned. The switchover to the relocated gantry is expected to take place in July 2011.

4. Please refer to the attached map for more details on the location of the gantries.

5. The relocated ERP gantry will have the same ERP rates and operating hours as the current ERP gantry. Information signboards will be displayed just before the gantry to inform motorists of the relocation.

Adapted from Onemotoring.

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