Parking in singapore

Almost all buildings have a car park and fees apply which can be settled with your ERP cash card in many places. In Sun Tec City a system called TeleMoney permits to pay fees on your mobile phone by calling Tel: 6464 0080.

At open parking spaces (e.g. East Coast or Holland Village) you need coupons, which have to be bought and perforated in advance. Coupon booklets (see image) are available at 7 Eleven Shops and petrol stations. Make sure you have a good supply of them in your car! Failure to use them as indicated results in fines and/or wheel clamping. And we also suggest that you take great effort to do it right as the parking meter girls do not like jokes at all. Display them clearly visible next to each other inside your windscreen.

Expired Parking Coupons can be exchanged at the URA Customer Service Center 45 Maxwell RoadTel: 6329 3434

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