Off-peak car licences go on sale online

Off-peak car licences go on sale online
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SINGAPORE: Off-peak car owners can buy electronic day (e-day) licences online from Monday, which can be used starting November 23.

Currently, paper licences have to be bought and displayed before an off-peak vehicle can be used outside off-peak hours.

More than 1,000 car owners were fined for driving off-peak cars without a valid off-peak licence between January to October this year. But on November 23, the e-day licences will replace the paper licences, and drivers can buy the e-day licences after using their cars during peak hours as long as they do so before midnight the next day.

Off-peak car owners are looking forward to greater convenience with the new system. “There was one particular incident when I wanted to use the car early in the morning, but just realised I had run out of coupons,” said Chen Zhi Chun, an off-peak car owner. “I made my way to a 7-11 (store), thinking they might sell it, but they did not and I had to wait until eight o’clock when the post office opened.”

The new licences can be bought online anytime between 6am and midnight daily through the one.motoring portal, AXS stations located island-wide and mobile-SMS services via MobileP@y. To ease the transition to the new licence system, letters and guidebooks on the new system were mailed to all current off-peak car owners in September.

Unused paper day licences can be returned between October 26 this year and May 31 next year for a refund, or for conversion to e-day licences.

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