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Vehicle Registration Number
You can bid for a vehicle registration number and use it to:-
register a brand new vehicle; or
replace the registration number of your existing vehicle.
Bidding ExerciseThere are 2 types of bidding exercises:
Main Bidding Exercise
When a new series is launched, invitations to bid for vehicle registration numbers from 1 to 9999 will be announced via the following channels:

Bidding Procedures

Each bid must be made on Vehicle Registration Number Bid Form (R04) and Bid Envelope (R05) obtainable at the Information Counter, LTA, Level 1, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701.

The minimum bid amount is S$1,000/-. All offers shall be in multiples of $1/-. Payments must be made payable to Land Transport Authority or LTA in the form of Cashier’s/ Money/ Postal Order.

Enclose the completed form and the cashier’s/ money/ postal order in the envelope provided and deposit it into the tender box at the Registration Section, Land Transport Authority, Level 1, 10 Sin Ming Drive, before the closing date and time. Once submitted, the bid application cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

Each application form submitted is for one vehicle registration number only. If you wish to bid for more than one vehicle registration number, you need to submit separate bid applications.

If you submit more than one application form and your bid applications are successful, the successful bid registration numbers will be assigned to you for registration of your new vehicles or to replace the registration number of your existing vehicles.

Please click here for a checklist of detailed procedures for the submission of bid.

Bid registration numbers are non-transferable.

Once assigned, bid registration numbers cannot be cancelled and the bid amounts will not be refunded.
Bidders should ensure that their bid application is complete, with signature and company stamp (for non-individuals).
Bidders submitting their bid application through a third-party (e.g. motor dealer) should ensure that it is duly complete before submission. Nonetheless, to safeguard the bidder’s interest, bidders are advised to submit their bid personally.

Bidding ResultsYou can check the bidding results via:
For Car and other vehicle types

On-line services in ONE.MOTORING portal

Main Bidding Exercise
The results will be released within 6 working days after the closing date.

Weekly Bidding Exercise
The results will be released within 4 working days after the closing date.

If your bid is successful, you will be notified by LTA. The registration numbers are valid for 12 months from the date of notification by the LTA. If it is not used by the expiry date, it may be reassigned by LTA. However, you may apply to extend the validity period for a further 6 months before the expiry date. Up to two extensions of 6 months each will be allowed. An extension fee of $1,000 and an administrative fee of $20 (before GST) will be payable for each extension.

If your bid is unsuccessful, your bid application and the Cashier’s or Money Order will be returned to you, as per your instructions on the bid envelope, via mail or through self collection at the Registration Section, Land Transport Authority, Level 1, 10 Sin Ming Drive.

Replacement of Registration Numbers for Existing Vehicles

A fee of $300 (before GST) is payable for the replacement of a bid registration number on an existing vehicle.

Please click here for more details.

System Assigned Vehicle Number

If you are buying a new car, and you find bidding for a number too much of a hassle, you can leave it to the computer to generate a number for you. Immediately after your motor vehicle dealer enters your vehicle particulars into the system, the system will randomly generate a number once and assign it to your vehicle.

If you do not like the registration number assigned by the computer system, you can still bid for a registration number of your choice. You will need to pay a fee of $300 (before GST) for each replacement of the vehicle registration number.

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