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How to adjust your car mirrors

Rearview and Sideview Mirrors
The most common use of rearview and sideview mirrors is to ascertain whether another driver is close behind when you are attempting to change lanes or overtake another vehicle. The rearview mirror is easy enough to adjust. Almost all drivers realize that it should at least allow them to see out of the rear window. It is the sideview mirrors, however, that most drivers makes mistakes.

Blind Spots
Most drivers adjust their sideview mirrors to an angle that allows them to see the side of their own car on each mirror’s inside edge. What few people realize is that doing so creates a deadly tunnel vision to the rear of the car and overlaps a great deal of what the rearview mirror already shows. This position also leaves you with blind spots to the left and right of the side of your vehicle and may prevent you from seeing a car attempting to pass until it is too late.
Of course there is always the failsafe of “rubbernecking,” or briefly turning your head to check that blind spot, but there is a far better solution. Position your sideview mirrors so that they are just slightly beyond the point at which you can see the side of the car on the mirror’s inside edge. You will still have slight blind spots, but with your mirrors adjusted in this fashion you should be able to spot the position of cars behind you in your peripheral vision.
Once your mirrors are properly set, it will be much easier and safer to change lanes, pass other vehicles and merge with traffic on highways — all instances where accidents can and do frequently occur. By taking the extra minute to adjust your mirrors correctly, you can avoid danger in these situations and drive with confidence.

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