Final Theory Mock Test

1. You should switch on the hazard lights when


2. When parking at an up slope which gear should be engaged?


3. Good habit of securing your vehicle is _______


4. What are the normal bus lane hours on weekday evenings?


5. Which of the following is false about Expressways?


When moving off, what might cause the engine to vibrate violently?


7. Out of all the people below. who is the safer choice if they need to drive?


8. To avoid skidding on a wet road when applying emergency brake, you should


9. A driver whose license is revived after a 3-month suspension will only be allowed to accumulate less than _____ points in 12 months.


10. If you park your vehicle facing downhill, you should


11. The handbrake should be used when


12. When you are on an uneven road you should _____.


13. To release the handbrake,


14. If the water temperature indicator in your car is at the hottest point and smoke is emitting from the bonnet you should :


15. If the glare of the sun is too bright, you should



When approaching a curve with poor visibility, you should:


17. Free-wheeling is caused by ___


In any given situation, whenever you have the right-of-way, you should


19. Driving on the road shoulder of an expressway for non-emergency cases,


20. Which of the following is incorrect regarding the Two Second Rule?


21. When negotiating a gradual bend, both of your hands should grip the steering wheel firmly, turning the wheel


22. On an expressway the road shoulder is meant for ______


23. When adjusting the side mirror:


24. When the light turns green, how many seconds should you wait before proceeding?


25. When the clutch pedal is pressed,


26. How do you operate the windscreen wiper?


27. If you lose proper control of your vehicle, you will be charged with _________ even though your blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit.


28. Which one of the following is not the benefit of a pre-drive routine check on your vehicle?


29. Driving on the road shoulder of an expressway for non-emergency cases,


30. If there are no speed limit signs along the road, the maximum speed you should travel at is


31. A person is walking slowly with a white stick in his hand, most likely he is


32. Which of the following is incorrect?



33. Changing from 1st gear to 2nd gear requires the coordination of


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