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ERP rates increase 20-100%

ERP rates increase 20-100%

Mon, Apr 26, 2010


IT will be costlier to use the roads as ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) rates for four gantries are set to increase from 20-100 per cent.

From May 3 onwards, motorists have to pay $3 instead of $2.50 when passing the two gantries at ECP (Fort Road) and KPE slip road to ECP during 8.30-9.30am. This is an increase of 20 per cent.

Motorists passing through the two ERP gantries at PIE Adam Road and Mount Pleasant will have to fork out $2 from 8-8.30am (for Adam Road) and 8.30-9am (for Mount Pleasant), a rise of 100 per cent and 33 per cent respectively.
However, rates at two gantries will be reduced.
Passing through the CTE gantry that is north of Braddell Road will be cheaper. The rate from 7.30-8am has been decreased from $2.50 to $2, a reduction of 20 per cent.
The westbound PIE gantry before Eunos Link will be free-of-charge from 7-7.30am.
ERP rates are usually revised when the Land Transport Authority completes its quarterly review of traffic conditions on EPR-priced roads and expressways.
The next ERP review will take place in May for the June school holidays.

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