EPS Fuel Saver

What is EPS Fuel Saver?
It is a fuel economizer and pollution reduction device, which utilizes magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon (HC) fuels. It can be easily installed in minutes by shaping it onto the fuel line just before the Carburetor, Fuel Injector or Diesel Pump.

How does the EPS Fuel Saver work?
It uses magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon (HC) fuels. When the HC fuel is passed through the fuel saver, the HC molecules are temporarily ionized and create Positively Aligned Molecules (PAM). The ionized HC fuel results in a complete combustion when in contact with negatively charged oxygen (air-fuel mixture)
Most engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of HC fuel in the fuel line. In normal cases, 30% of the fuel is wasted and carbonized, and only 70% of the burnt provides the real power. EPS Fuel Saver solves this problem by increasing the combustion of fuel!

Is the EPS Fuel Saver safe to use?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to use as it does not alter the chemical composition of your fuel. There is no physical alteration to the existing fuel line.
How does the EPS Fuel Saver provide savings on the fuel and better energy power?
EPS unique 3-tier technology of magnetic field to ionize the fuel delivers complete combustion, thus obtaining
maximization of the fuel economy,
improved fuel efficiency
reduced polluting emissions.

What is the Life Span of the EPS Fuel Saver?
EPS Fuel Saver is designed by using the best quality magnetic material with Optimum Gauss Level. It’s life span us the same as your vehicle. Our tests indicate that the fuel saver maintains its fuel saving abilities for up to 10 years! The magnetic field strength of the fuel saver will not deteriorate over time.

What type of vehicle(s) is the EPS Fuel Saver suitable for?
The advanced technology is equally effective on all types of carburetors and fuel injector based engines. The EPS Fuel Saver offers maximum performance on all types of fuel including leaded, unleaded and diesel.

Will the installation of the EPS Fuel Saver involve dismantling or alterations to my engine?
NO. The EPS Fuel Saver is designed as a plug-and-play device. Simply install the EPS Fuel Saver on the fuel line and immediately enjoy the savings! It does not involve any alterations to your car engine or fuel line.

After installation, will the EPS Fuel Saver affect or damage my vehicle performance?
No. The EPS Fuel Saver is designed to help reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions.
Calculate How Much Money YOU Can SaveAverage Monthly Cost of Petrol = $300Based on Average 15% Fuel Savings per Full TankSavings
= 15% x $300= $45 per monthYour Savings Per Year
= $45 x 12 months= $540 per year
For more information, check out h2hgroup.org

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