3 ways to renew car insurance


There are now 3 ways to renew your car insurance.

During the first 3 years of a new vehicle purchase

If you purchased a new car and it is within the first 3 years of warranty, you would have no choice but to renew automatically with the authorized insurer depending on the make of your vehicle. This is because the conditions for the warranty is that your vehicle must be serviced by the appointed workshop which is usually owned or affiliated with the official retailer in the country. Thus you cannot take your car insurance with another insurer as their workshops would not be the appointed one.

If you are buying a second hand car

The car agent will usually include the insurance as part of the package. Do not be mistaken that this is free and the agent does make a handsome profit out of this. Most used car buyers will usually go ahead with the arrangement so as to reduce the hassle. Do note that it is not an obligation to take the insurance nor the bank loan with the car agent but if you do find it troublesome, you can use it to negotiate a better price.

Second Way: Contact your insurance agent

For the busy executive, who would prefer to leave the errands to an agent, you can contact your insurance agent to help you renew your car insurance. Most life insurance agents/financial advisers have both licences to do life as well as general insurance(motor/travel). Otherwise, they would also be affiliated with other agents who does. Go ahead and ask them to give you as many quotes as you want but make sure you have at least 3. Do not think that you are giving them extra work as this “extra work” will earn them a commission of between $100-$300 depending on the your insurance premium. Doing your car insurance in this way will also ensure you have someone to call when you need help in an accident or breakdown.

Third way: Online Car Insurance

In 2009/2010 two insurers start to offer insurance that are cheaper than the traditional insurers. The auto insurance they offer are only available online, and you have to get a quote and buy the policy from them directly. Their coverage are typically cheaper since they’re no middleman involved. However since there are no agent involved, you would have to know exactly what you are buying as well as some of the terms used.

They are :

1. Aviva Insurance

Aviva is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. So you can be assured that they are offering a quality product. You can get an insurance quote directly from their car insurance product page.

Some of the benefits include 14 day money back guarantee, 12 months guarantee on Aviva-approved repairs, and the ability to amend and renew your policy online

2.  Directasia is a new insurance company in Singapore. They pride in giving you “fast, easy, online insurance”.

On the product page you can get an instant motor insurance quote for free, buy the level of coverage you need, and print out your insurance policy in minutes.

So these are the two insurance companies that you should go to if you want cheap car insurance. Go ahead and get a quote from them.

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